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Danny & Kenisha

Danny & Kenisha Wedding day
The weekend of May 22, 2022 was all about this special couple, Danny and Kenisha, that I had the privilege of recording and I can’t wait to give them their film.  I loved every moment of the day, but there were some special moments that stood out to me.  Keep reading and you will see why they were so special.  I have been recording and capturing these special times since the surprise engagement to an interview in a backyard.  Take a look below at the moments that makes this couple so special.  It was my great honor and pleasure to be a part of the engagement project and couln’t wait for the day to come.

Wedding day
Finally, the wedding day, May 22, 2022, is here.  After months of preparations and making sure all my gear was in tip-top shape, from cameras, and lights the time for action was here.  The day started with going to Danny’s getting ready site.  You can tell he was very excited and nervous at the same time, as all grooms are, regardless they admit it or not.  Of course, when it comes to weddings I’m not just a photographer/videographer, I am there to make the day flow as smooth as possible for the bride and groom.  Working together with the photographers, we didn’t only give him directions, we were talking to him, making him laugh, and helping him, whatever we can do to take some of the jitters away.  The same goes for the bride Kenisha.

After we finished with Danny, it was time to go to Kenisha’s room and start recording her beautiful and cherished moments for their wedding highlight film.  I was able to get some video clips of the beautifully detailed dress and some other great shots.  One thing I come to admire is the detail and texture that go into a wedding dress, it is absolutely amazing.  Like I told Kenisha, I never noticed and appreciate the wonderful details that are on a wedding dress until I started doing weddings.  Also, her dress was a mermaid. How do I know?  14 years ago my wife wore a mermaid dress for our wedding, I can never forget the style.  

One of the challenges of the day is getting a nice neat place to record Kenisha getting dressed.  Then an idea came to go to where Danny the groom got dressed.  Happily, the room was well cleaned and everything was in order thanks to one of Danny and Kenisha’s very good friends.  It takes a village to make things happen.  Since it was a first look kind day, you can see the benefits of having a first look in my previous post, getting Kenisha to the room with the dress without Danny seeing her or the dress was a sight to see.  Seeing the coordinator carrying the dress and hiding around the corner down the hall of the hotel floor and peeking to see when the groom left his room was hilarious.  Once that was done it was time to get those cherished video clips.

Now it’s time for the first look, Danny and Kenisha just looked amazing and there’s no denying the love they have for each other.  Danny couldn’t wait for Kenisha to tap his shoulder and turned around quickly to see his bride.  The ceremony was very emotional especially when he saw her walking down the aisle.  the tears just started pouring down his face.  Everything was just perfect.

The most memorable part of the night for me was the parent’s awards.  As the bride was talking to her dad about how he took the role of both dad and mom after the unfortunate passing of her mom really strike a chord in my heartstrings and got me thinking about my wife and daughter.  It was just beautiful to see the love she has for her dad, brother and sister.  The love that has already transitioned onto her husband, her bestfriend, and her partner for life.

It was great being the person to capture the beginning of this chapter of their life with video.

Meanwhile, enjoy this teaser.

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