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Zach and Shellvia

Zach & Shellvia Wedding day
Friday July 8th of 2022 was all about Zacharie (Zach) and Shellvia; “the couple that looks like they are from a Ralph Lauren ad” says the Maître D’ from Chateau Briand located in Carle Place, NY.  It was a great day for a wedding.  First stop, Zach and his crew What a sight to see! It was a good amount of details with a lot of little bags to open, the intricate details made for a great flat lay.  The groomsmen and best man were very cool to be around and you can feel how much they care for our groom.  Check out the spectacular interview below to learn about their journey, which was recorded a few weeks prior to the wedding.  One thing that stood out to me is how they both said they can’t wait to spend time with people they love.  After taking a few shots of the groom’s details, I made my way to the bride’s room.

Having a bride hanger is one item every wedding photographer and videographer should have in their bags, I’ll get to the reason below.  Again the same love you could see and feel the groomsmen had for the groom, is the same love the bridesmaids and maid of honor had, maybe more, for the bride.  Being around them you can see why.  I was able to get a few shots of some of the details, the dress, and more.  This is where having a bride hanger is really useful.  It is such a busy time for both bride and groom, whatever I can do to make the day go a little smoother because of something I can do, I will.  The dress was a beautiful mermaid-style wedding dress with really nice textures.  That’s a shot you can’t miss.  Shellvia, the bride, spent a lot of time searching for the right dress, it’s up to me to immortalize it in film.  A well-designed bride hanger to go with such a beautiful dress goes a long way.  The Maid of honor and bridesmaids were so emotional seeing our bride during the first look with them, you can’t help having that proud smile and saying “you did good,” even if I only said it in my heart.

During the first look you can tell Zach, the groom, could not wait to see his soon-to-be wife with how nervous he was.  When he turned around he didn’t know if he could hug his gorgeous bride or not.  It was wonderful to see how happy they were to see each other.  A lot of things went really well, but will only talk about 4 things that stood out to me the most.

The Speeches
What more can I say about the speeches, there were a lot of great and well-prepared speeches.  Again you can feel all the love everyone has for the bride and groom, it almost seems like it was one of the themes of the day.  One thing I remember hearing is either they don’t know the groom or they don’t know the bride, but they can see how happy they made each other.  The other thing is that with their union, everyone will have a lot of time to get to know either Zach or Shellvia.

The Ice cream truck
The wedding planner Tamara did a wonderful job getting a Coldstone ice cream truck to come to the venue and surprising our bride with her favorite ice cream brand, the best man’s speech reminded me of her love for it.  To prepare Mentally for such a wonderful surprise, Tamara gave me a heads up on what will be happening and kept me posted on when it was going to happen.  Shellvia was so happy she literally screamed with joy, maybe someone was cutting up some onions because the tears were just rolling down her face and that seem to be another theme of the day.  It was a job well done.  They were both really surprised and were caught off guard.

The Dance battle
What can I say about the dance battle?  I don’t use this word often, but it was truly epic.  It was a battle of the groom, the best man with his groomsmen versus the bride, maid of honor, and her bridesmaids.  It went back and forth both teams did great.  Everything was captured.  I won’t get into who won the battle but that ball drop was everything.

The Mother-Son dance
This was the moment that touched me the most.  I know the feeling of not having your mom around at your wedding.  For me, I danced with the person who was and still is like a mother to me.  I’m sure it was the same thing for our groom, he surprised his sisters with this special part of the night.  They are to him his mother figure after their mom passed, so it made perfect sense.  It was very touching to watch and record that special moment.

There was a lot that happened that night and I know our bride and groom can’t wait to see all the beautiful memories that were captured.  That’s why I prepared this special teaser for them and everyone else to enjoy. Please see the teaser for their wedding film below and stay tuned for their upcoming film.

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